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Virgin Islands Videos!

Wanna get a feel for the islands before you arrive? Here’s a compilation of cool Virgin Islands videos! Enjoy!

Staying on St. John? We can help with the perfect St. John Boat Rental!

The world’s most gorgeous playground…The Virgin Islands!

Breathtaking at every turn, the Virgin Islands offer something for everyone. You’ll fall in love and never want to leave!

The people of the Virgin Islands are amazing–but the sea creatures are too! Check out these playful dolphins as they escort this St. Thomas Boat Rental to Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands!

Jost Van Dyke is one of the most famous islands in the world, and Great Harbour is home to Foxy’s, one of the world’s most famous beach bars! Unassuming and totally laid back. Check it out!

Foxy’s Bar is not to be missed. If you’re lucky, Foxy will entertain you himself! He’s a character and so much fun!

Perhaps our most famous resident, Kenny Chesney does the islands proud with this great video…Santa approved!

This is perhaps Kenny Chesney’s most popular song, and the video was shot entirely in the Virgin Islands! A part time resident on St. John, Kenny is here as much as he can be. You never know if you’ll run into him!

Here’s a video of world famous Sapphire Beach, with its amazing reef and views of St.John just across the channel.

Now, check out Sapphire Beach from underwater! The reefs here bring some of the most colorful and exotic fish, the reef is covered with stunning coral, and the nearby grassy sea bottom is home to turtles and rays alike! Some of the best snorkeling in the Virgin Islands can be found at Sapphire Beach.

“Virgin Islands Nice” is the official song of the Virgin Islands, and this video showcases the beauty of both the landscape and the people. Come and see us soon!