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The Best Way To Lose A Day in the BVI’s!

British Virgin Islands beach bars

Ivan's Stress Free BarCruise ship passengers often miss out on the most beautiful place on earth, simply because they decide to stay in town and shop. You can shop anywhere (although St.Thomas has great shopping!). So, how can you spend the precious few hours you have in the BVI’s? Well, that depends on the experience you want to have. We recommend the quintessential Caribbean day…where you relax in the sun and soak up the scener. You can do that with a tour of the world’s best beach bars—the British Virgin Islands beach bars!

There’s a lot of reasons the beach bars in the Virgin Islands are the best. The top reason is their location–on the world’s most beautiful beaches. In addition to weathered bar stools, cool breezes and incredible views, you’ll find hammocks and cocktail service on the beach–even while you float in the water. These are your typical bars—they’re more of a beach party, with a cool, relaxed vibe, where your income level and occupation just don’t matter. Instead of loud, thumping techno music that makes conversation impossible without screaming, you’ll hear steel drums on the breeze and lots of laughter. Sound great? It is. Here’s where to go.

soggy-dollar5Start the day at Foxy’s Bar on Jost Van Dyke in Great Harbour. The bar opens at 9:30am, and the kitchen at 11:30am. If its a Friday or Saturday, you’re in luck, because Foxy fires up the “Grillzebo” and cooks a Caribbean style BBQ, featuring the world’s best ribs and mahi-mahi that melts in your mouth. Foxy’s brews its own beer and distills its own rum, known as “Foxy’s Firewater Rum.” The drink menu is fantastic and the speciality of the house is the Sly Fox and Dread Fox. While the hours away in a hammock under a palm tree while listening to Foxy sing and tell jokes to the crowd.

Next, around the corner from Foxy’s on gorgeous White Bay is the Soggy Dollar. This is the birthplace of the original “Painkiller” and the world’s first real “swim up” bar–the best way to get there is to swim in from your boat! After ordering a Painkiller, it’s time to play the Ring Game. It sounds simple enough–get the ring on the hook–but its a challenge, and its addicting! Soggy Dollar is small, friendly and laid back, and on the most beautiful stretch of beach in the Caribbean. The only thing they’re serious about here is relaxation.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 6.16.39 PMJust down the bay is Ivan’s Stress Free Bar and Campground, where country singer Kenny Chesney shot the video “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem” after spending time here. From top to bottom, Ivan’s is covered with sea shells collected off the beach. Spend some time at the bar, and you’ll understand the need for the campground. Pull up a stretch of beach and enjoy a nap in the sun.

Finally, no trip to these British Virgin Islands beach bars is complete without a visit to the Willy T, a three story floating restaurant and bar in Bight Harbour. “Willy T” is short for William Thornton, the architect chosen to design the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., for which he was paid just $500.00 and given a parcel of land. The Willy T is a siren for sailors, and most afternoons, you’ll find boats tied up 5 and 6 deep. The reason is the party. It’s a lively crowd that often turns wild, and no doubt you’ll see a few birthday suits as people plunge of the stern of the Willy T into the crystal blue waters below. You just might be one of them!