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Water Island, U.S Virgin Islands

Water Island

Are you the anti-tourist? Looking for quiet, solitude, your own beach? We have just the island for you. Meet Water Island, the newest member of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

One of the few remaining truly undeveloped beauties in the Caribbean, this island features more than sugar-soft white sand, pristine beaches, and lush greenery. It’s rural terrain will transport you back in time, before cars and even electricity.

Water Island is located just a stone’s throw from St. Thomas. In Fact, most people think its part of St. Thomas, sitting just outside the Charlotte Amalie harbor. Since the island is small and the only way there is by boat, it’s virtually crowd free. Only about 200 lucky souls call Water Island home. A quick boat ride from St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, Water Island is home to some of the most amazing bays not only in the Caribbean, but in all of the world. These bays are undisturbed. You’ll find them wild and natural—and that’s what makes them unique and idyllic. The star attraction of Water Island is one of these amazing bays, called Honeymoon Beach.

Honeymoon Beach is Water Island’s biggest attraction. In the early 1900‘s, the beach really wasn’t a beach at all. Hard rocks and heavy vegetation populated the shoreline, but in the 1950’s, under the direction of Walter Phillips, truckloads of rocks and gravel were hauled off and the sand was sifted to remove the debris that was left. Today, Water Island is simply stunning to behold. Powdery white sand hugs the coastline. Calm, clear waters are perfect for swimming, and peaceful breezes rustle the tropical growth. There is also superb snorkeling off the beach. The sandy bottom has some patches of sea grass where bright tiny fish, turtles and rays love to hang out. On shore, you’ll find a couple of beach bars turning out some of the best hamburgers and seafood you’ll ever find. The vibe is one of seclusion—quiet, easy and fun. Enjoy lunch on the beach while watching the planes take off from the St. Thomas airport across the channel.

Plantation ruins and an abandoned fort are popular destinations to those who choose to walk the unbeaten path. Water Island was home to several cotton plantations during the 18th and 19th century. Now, those ruins serve as a silent monument of the early days. Fort Segarra is one of those monuments. Built in 1944 as a part of the United States’ defense strategies during World War II, the fort is complete with watch towers, barracks, ammunition bunkers, roads and docks. Touring the tunnels and underground chambers can give you a glimpse into what it was like during WWII.

A vacation on a deserted island is a definitely a rejuvenating experience. With its lovely bays, breathtaking beaches and stunning sites, Water Island in the United States Virgin Islands is as close to perfect as you can get. A tip from the tourists frequenting the island–get a day boat charter to see as much as possible of this paradise. Escape the crowds in less than 10 minutes on Water Island!

Water Island